Thursday, February 23, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

This is a Tim Holtz Paper bag bood I did, I bound it using chain and have quite a few metal embelisments.

A Halloween Envelope book I did.

A card I made using the Graphic 45 Steampunk paper and metal flowers :)

I used a 6x9 inch chipboard trunk from Hobby Lobby and covered it with papers from the Once Upon a Sprintime Collection using Studio Multi Medium in Matte. I used Graphic 45 hinges to put a "window" made out of chipboard on the top of the box. When you open the window I have a Prima rosette and across the bottom I used the lace from Graphic 45 Trim. The keyhole is by Graphic 45, I colored it using Glimmer mist. I also used Glimmer mist to color the canvas piece behind the Fairy on the front of the window :)
Halloween Wonderland tags on tiles. I used Alcohol Inks (in Red Pepper, Sunset Orange and Sunshine Yellow for the orange ones and Meadow, Eggplant and Denim for the blue ones) to cover the background and secured down the tags and strips using Studio Multi Medium in Matte.
What can I say I LOVE this fairy line of papers :D A card I made using them and a Prima Flower :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alcohol Inks vs. Copics

I have a lot of people come into my store and ask, what is the difference between the Copics and Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks? Lets get thru some basics.

1. Copics are a marker, they are alcohol based which means they are great for metals, acrylics and other glossy or non pourus medium that you want to use in your crafting.
The marker makes it easy to color in details when doing cards with detailed stamps.
They come in well over 300 colors and do a great job at getting the gradience with in the colors.
Copics are blendable which gives you huge amounts of options in coloring in your stamped images.
The downside, they are pricey, depending on where you get them they can run you over $7 for a single marker, that being said they are refillable and the nibs are replaceable in them as well.

2. Tims Alc Inks. They come in a bottle versus a marker, HOWEVER you can get a refillable marker for them.
They are alcohol based so again you can color on metal, acrylics and glossy surfaces.
They aren't as blendable in my opinion, you are not going to find 2 or 3 reds to blend together to create an apple for example as you would the Copics.
I love Tims Alc Inks for doing large surfaces like glass or tile coasters for example or even an entire 12x12 sheet of glossy paper.
You can create a lot of different affects with the Alc Inks in from the bottle because you have access to more liquid than you do in the copics. I like to take my non stick craft mat and dot some around on the surface and drag my project threw it for a granite type of look.
A bottle of Alc ink will run about $5 and the refillable pens go for about $4.

So which one do you get?
It really depends on what your project style is. I personally don't do a lot of card making or stamping. So I tend to lean toward Tims Inks because I do a lot of ATG tags and smaller pieces that I want covered in color, that being said when I am coloring in metal objects (Tim Holtz Angel Wings for example) I LOVE to use the copics to really get into the nooks and crannies of what I am coloring in.

Happy Crafting!

Friday, February 3, 2012

One last Christmas Post

Everyone loves the Rosettes. Once I realized how big I could make them I figured why not :) I used this at the store as our wreath :) I used Moxxie papers for this one, it measures at about 13 inches around.

Tim Holtz Tags of Christmas

Well I won't lie, I started to do the tags of Christmas for Tim, I Tried to do all of them and I failed. But it's ok because so did everyone else that started with me :)

I don't just paper craft, sometimes it's fun to get out of your comfort zone. I did some ribbon style barrettes for a show along with some felt ones.

Scary Halloween

This was an envelope mini I did for Halloween. :)
I will get some pics of the elements on the pages and the pull outs..
I have to admit this is one of my faves, well this and another Halloween one I did, but That is another post :D

Random Memories Mini

This one was super fun to make. The base of the album is paper bags, I have a few elements using coin envelopes for pull out "accordion" folders. It has a TON of space for pictures in tags you can pull out from all over the place :)